Chestertown, New York - Real Estate, Area and Community Information

“Crossroads of the Adirondacks” is the perfect nickname for Chestertown, New York. This beautiful town of 2,000 is located between the Hudson and Schroon Rivers in Warren County. Chestertown NY Real Estate is a great investment for families looking for a small town experience in the foothills of the Adirondacks.

Chestertown was settled by pioneers looking for land. Many early founders were actually Revolutionary War veterans. They built Chestertown NY Homes on land granted to them as payment for their war service. The community first became a settlement in 1790 when it was known as Chester Four Corners. Nine years later, New York officially recognized the community as Chestertown.

Chestertown’s early pioneers farmed and raised sheep. Tanneries and mills became established along the waterways. The community grew over the next century and was joined by the nearby villages of Potterville, Starbuckville, Igerna, Darrowsville and Riparius. Real Estate in Chestertown increased in value as the communities were linked by roads and other conveniences. Summer vacationers and weekend visitors soon discovered the region. Follow this link to read more about Chestertown’s vibrant history.

chestertown-ny.jpg Interest has increased in homes for sale in Chestertown as the area continues to thrive. Modern health facilities, a new firehouse and a growing public library are cornerstones for Chestertown and other area villages. The hamlet’s old Central School is now the new town hall. A few years ago Chestertown consolidated its school system with other area schools. Chestertown Home Buyers will be impressed with the beautiful new North Warren Central campus. Families looking for small town living will want to look at Chestertown Properties.

Chestertown Real Estate offers homes close to three beautiful lakes. Friends Lake and Loon Lake are popular destinations for canoe enthusiasts and rafters. Privately owned Forest Lake is the home of a summer camp that has operated since 1926.

Cross-country skiing and hiking trails are in areas convenient to Chestertown Homes. Dynamite Hill, a local park, is the home of a newly constructed hockey rink. Scaroon Manor has been a wonderful addition to the area's recreational areas. This early day resort, with over 200 acres, has now been restored for the public’s use. The area includes a 1,200 shoreline on Schroon Lake, a day use area, swimming beach, bathhouse and picnic sites.

Prospective full-time or weekend residents will want to look at Chestertown Homes for sale. They will find Chestertown offers plenty of activities for all ages. The Chestertown Historic District has antique stores, bed and breakfast inns and restaurants for visitors to enjoy. A weekly farmers’ market provides local, fresh vegetables for all. The town’s library hosts a chess club, story hours for children, book clubs and many fine art shows.

Special events include the Adirondack Distance Festival’s Five and Ten K Races. All ages will enjoy the Historical Society’s Autumn Treats Art Exhibit or the Adirondack Ghosts Stories at the Carol Theater. This October, visitors will want to check out the Halloween Pug Party and Parade.

Contact your Chestertown Real Estate Agent or the town of Chester at 518-494-2711 for more information about this thriving, family friendly community. A Chestertown Realtor can make your small town living dreams come true.

Richard Waller
Richard Waller
NYS Associate RE Broker