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Diamond Point, New York, is a popular tourist destination north of the village of Lake George. Diamond Point is known for its cottages situated along the lakeshore. Visitors to the southern Adironacks can enjoy views of the mountains in a tranquil spot only minutes from Lake George village.


The "discovery" of Lake George by those of European heritage dates to 1642. In August of that year, a priest named Father Isaac Jogues came to the area. He was imprisoned by the Mohawk Indians but he escaped and went back to France. Four years later, he returned to propose a peace treaty. He named the large body of water "The Lake of the Holy Sacrament."

In 1755, a British military commander renamed it Lake George to pay homage to King George II. Fort William Henry was named in honor of a grandson of the King. It succumbed to a siege by French and Indian forces in 1757, and its British occupants were killed. Author James Fennimore Cooper included this historical event in his novel, "The Last of the Mohicans."

Parks and Recreation

A number of charter fishing operations operate out of Diamond Point. Some offer underwater cameras that allow anglers to watch as fish strike their bait. There are lake trout charters, salmon charters and bass charters. Some of these charter boats can be reserved for private scenic tours as well. Charter boats and their expert fishing guides offer those with Diamond Point NY real estate an opportunity to take full advantage of the impressive fishing possibilities in Lake George.

Attractions and Acitivities

A number of steamboats ply the waters of Lake George. Those with Diamond Point real estate can try lake cruises that typcially last from one to four-hours in length. There are dinner cruises, entertainment cruises and even fireworks cruises to experience. Passengers on the steamboats at sunset enjoy especially memorable moments.


Those that own Diamond Point properties may enjoy the Lake George Music Festival. World-class musicians, rising stars and others dedicated to the arts offer a full week of concerts, open rehearsals and interactive workshops every August. The festival began in 2011, and it has quickly evolved into one of the top events of its kind in the region. Artists have come to the festival from Julliard and the Eastman School of Music. Musicians representing symphonies for across America and Europe have also performed.

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